About Flori Fitness Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Flori Fitness Solutions also known as FFS is a company that aims to promote and motivate individuals and companies in making fitness a top priority.

FFS is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia providing quality service, programs and products relating to the health and fitness industry. Our skillful knowledge varies from maintenance, repair, advice, setup and design of commercial gyms.

FFS offers a comprehensive, professional and unique health and fitness experience that helps clients to reach their fitness and health goals. Experienced in fitness Equipments and Training since 1993. We strive to give personalized and attentive services to every client because we value our work and are 110% committed to sharing our specialist knowledge.

FFS main objectives

Market Segments

 Facility Management  55%
Hospitality  42%
Corporate 65%
Commercial  48%
 Government  55%
Medical  42%
Education 65%
Professional Sports  43%
Lifestyle & Domestic  38%
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